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Sgwrs Cymunedol - Community Conversation

On Sunday 27th of October (11am - 5pm) we're hosting a facilitated community conversation on local sustainability. This is an Unconference, or self-organised workshop in which you the selected participants will shape the conversation and action we take forward. The conversation will be facilitated by highly experienced facilitators from Ouishare


Our world is unravelling: the climate crisis, ecological breakdown, fake news and political extremism threaten to undermine everything we hold precious. Global responses are paralysed and the only coherent to do is take action at the community and regional level and demonstrate an alternative way forward.

Here in Gwynedd, we have a unique set of cultural and environmental circumstances that might just allow us to again play a significant role in the development of the British Isles, through leading the way in the transition to a sustainable green economy. This region has lagged behind economically in the era of exploitative Industrial Capitalism. Wales may have been the first resource colony in what became a global empire. That era is now coming to an end and in the transition to a high-tech green economy Gwynedd has many advantages. We're asking, can we make the ancient Kingdom of Gwynedd become a green economic trail-blazer in the 21st Century?

We are a region of the UK with a relatively low population density and abundant natural resources. Welsh culture has demonstrated incredible tenacity and determination to survive against the odds over the centuries. Can the culture of this region show the world how to survive in the face of global crisis? Let's say it's worth a shot and come together as a grass root community to start working out how we can make a real difference to our regional destiny. 

This "Unconference" is a facilitated community conversation. You just need to turn up. Attendees will be invited to propose topics for discussion, we may talk about topics like local food, renewable energy, technology, community education, myth, language, sustainable building, wellbeing, political action, peoples' assemblies, and anything else you want to talk about.

Join us in this step towards greater connection, collaboration and renewal.


Iaith Cymraeg - Welsh language

We (the organisers) believe that supporting and encoraging the Welsh language is hugely important to any regional movement. That said we don't currently have the resources to put on a bilingual event and the facilitation for this will be in English to be inclusive.


Other Info

Children and young people welcome

  • Please let us know if you can come. Either let an organiser know or message with the form below

  • This event is invitation only, however contact us if you have a special interest in participating.

  • Arrive from 10.30am for an 11am start.

  • There will be vegan food available, let us know in advance if you have allergies etc.

  • We greatly apprectiate a 5 pound donation towards the costs of organising this and future events.

  • All are welcome to stay around after the event for the after party / networking.

Organised by:

Pandy Farm, Cae Mabon, Tyddyn Teg and AstralShip

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