Flow state

This is how we flow.


At Astralship we follow a daily flow practice called We-flow. It's a practice for raising awareness of our collective dynamics and intentions as we help ourselves and each otherΒ  get into states of deep flow and gain access to surprise abundance in and around us.

Visitors to the ship are welcome to join in and experience how a simple subtle practice can have a profound impact on performance, creativity and wellbeing.

We create space to enable collaboration and innovation.

We believe that living and working in such an environment fosters innovation on unprecedented levels of productivity.

Proper sleep, food and exercise are essential. Some people say life-work balance, we prefer life-work integration. Our crew are indivdual who are deeply connected to their purpose. We're building an environment that enables and inspires the best teams to produce the best work. We are consulting with cross-disciplinary experts to prototype and constantly advance the ship's design and implementation.

Crew on duty should be able to push themselves to the limits of their abilities, but when it’s time for a break the ship provides fine cuisine sourced from local organic farms and allow the crew to unwind effectively ready for the next day.

Sitting is the new smoking! Human bodies suffer from siting for extended period of times so we make sure our crew takes care of their wellbeing and have a lot of physical activity.

Meditation and sleep hacking

Set an intention before going to sleep. Let the subconscious do the hard work.

Meal hacking

We prefer solid meals - no snacking, no hunger afterwards. Using spices to add extra flavour and keep us warm or chill, depending on the weather outside...

Sun hacking

It's often rainy and foggy, so whenever there is Sun outside it's almost obligatory to get a healthy dose of vitamin D.