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Astralship is at a critical stage. We've demonstrated some value, built networks and a prototype ship. We calling out to all who can, to help us by sending a small regular donation. You can stop the payment whenever you want and it can be for an arbitrarily small amount. Everything helps. Help us get to the next phase of development

Payments are handled securely by stripe and liberapay.

Contributions will help us meet our costs while we set up the next phase of the project.

Donating with Crypto


We'll make every satoshi count



EOS as a scalable blockchain with the potential for mass adoption. If you hold EOS consider sending us some support. We are very lean and your tokens will go a long way.



Ethereum was the first programmable chain and is home to a lot of tokens. Share a little wealth with bootstrapping pirates.


If you want to donate in any other way, crypto or fiat, please drop us a line.