girl blindfolded being show something, painting with ship morphing into bridge


 A spontaneous Voyage in unprecedented times

Early in March we realised that physical voyages on Astralship weren't going to be viable for sometime. So we decided to set Sail and prototype the idea of Online Voyages. Captained by Victor Vorski a crewed by a multidisciplinary Crew from around Europe the voyage began under the banner Since the voyage was search for solutions to better online Gatherings (i.e Video calls) we liked the play on words however, recognising that some people might not like the negative associations we rebranded as Gatherings.Voyage and haven't look back.

Now in it's final 2 week spring, the voyage has been a very successful experiment and has given birth to an accelerator programme that will take an number of creative idea developed and work them up in to real businesses. See the Gatherings.Voyage for more info.