The future Legends image by Sean Allum. The face of Kalki avatar has been replace with an image of Mitch that has been deep dreamed into the style of the image.


🌎 Hacker Sailing, with Mitch Altman

This June 10th-17th following EMF camp Astralship is going on another intimate Hacker Sailing Voyage with Mitch Altman. Deep in Snowdonia, we will go on a journey of deep-tech magic and innovation. The crew will hack together, learn together, have fun in the Snowdonia spring-shine and work on innovating some new systems that might help keep our civilization going.

This is a private voyage for committed Astral pirates, hackers and makers. A max-creative peak-performance deep-dive into Astralspace with Mitch. We're self-organising using Matrix, Telegram and email so exactly what we'll get up to is also up to you, but you can imagine hardware and software hacking, visits to Tyddyn Teg Regenerative Farm and Engedi 2.0 - The historic Chapel where we'd like you to help us design a Solar punk Hackspace and Regenerative community Catalyst. Max interconnect. Lightning talks, sharing skill, designing solutions.

"Our voyage will collectively be created by the synergy among all who join. We will all learn a lot. We will all make new friends. We will all grow. We will all leave with motivation, encouragement, and inspiration for moving forward in our lives."

--Mitch Altman

a map with deep-dream effect making it consistent in colour with the header image

Where will we sail? - #unvoyage

The ship will sail where the crew takes it and your unique skills and contributions will ultimately decide where we get to. This is a call to get involved, share ideas, make proposals and help shape this voyage. We're adopting the one rule code used at Noisebridge, "Be excellent to each other! Here are some area we might want to do some thing in, collectively or in groups.".

a sprouting leaf with a complex image of our planet covered in network behind

1. Sustainable Tech, Smart-Agriculture and Energy.

Our planet is in big trouble. We are alive at a most intersting and liminal time when soon perhaps the future of our species will be decided. Let's live like the creators we were born to be and sail to manifest our must fun, creative and impactful ideas. Ultimately it's for β€˜us’ to make sure we have sustainable systems and not for 'the system' to do it for us. So let's amp up our creativity and performance and find ways to show we're not done yet.

Tyddyn Teg organic farm is just down the hill from us, we can arrange site visits. The farm has been involved in projects like the Weedinator (EMF Camp 2018) and the farmers are passionate about innovation.

zoom of cyber character from the future legends image

2. Geo-spacial gaming for Health and Wellbeing

We can also take advantage of the beautiful Snowdonia-scape. With Arduino, wifi, GPS and some creativity we could design and prototype fun games to encourage players to get out, get fit and enjoy the mountains.

Snowdonia is the setting for many tales from the Mabinogi, Britain’s oldest folklore. Perhaps a fusion of old stories and new tech will capture imagination, maybe there are NFTs to be traded or captured? VR mission control or autonomous vehicles? Unlimited possibilities involving tech and hiking in the mountains.

VR image from Astralship project on VR language learning

3. Playing with VR

Astralship has plenty of space that we can use to play with VR.

We have a couple of HTC Vive sets, . We could involve theatrical performance, language learning, or interaction with arduino devices.

🌍 Voyage Structure

Sailing involves the agile adjustment of sails to reach a destination. Here we're co-producing the voyage structure dynamically with our emerging crew. Getting us all to paradise island; an intense creative interactive-learning adventure that enriches us all.

picture of mitch soldering with a space cartoon t-shirt and orange and blue hair

Learn soldering and Arduino with Mitch

Everyone should know how to solder and some electronics skills. Early in the voyage Mitch will run some sessions sharing how to get started building projects with Arduinos and learning to solder. Mitch will be on hand as we hack new solutions together, when technical problems and questions arise.

There will be plenty of time to get to know all the crew, including time to chat to Mitch about soldering, electronics, projects, or any subject. Mitch has an enormous wealth of experience from inventing and manufacturing the open source TV-B-Gone to starting Noisebridge hackerspace and organising Hacker Trips To China.

a girl doing a Yoga pose in front of the Chapel Window


Peak performance comes when mind, body and spirit are in optimal condition and regular breaks from soldering and staring at screens are a good idea

We can do yoga sessions or social evenings with music or just to get out and explore Snowdonia, with our without IoT devices we'll get out and find some magic spots in the mountains around. If you have a CB radio, bring that.


The official voyage is 10th to 17th June. There are also opportunities for hackers to come early to help set up or stay on to go deeper with Mitch and the crew. Drop us a line.

Cabin and Spaces

Cabin spaces are limited on Astralship. We’re looking to fill 8 Cabins (4 single, 4 double) for this voyage to the future. We may also add some Hammocks or other sleeping spaces. If you want to sail on this voyage, get your name on the roster early to avoid disappointment.

Day Trippers: Hackers from the local area will be invited to join us for day trips.

No experience necessary, only a love of technology and a desire to see human prosperity.


Astralship voyages do happen by magic, but there are physical costs and we need your contributions to make this happen. We don't want anyone who really wants to come to be unable to because of cost, and we hope that those who have some abundace will share what they can. Here are our suggested donations: Single Cabins for the week, including a wonderful selection of Vegan food prepared by our resident Chef, Β£450. Double cabins for 2: Β£600. Non-cabin spaces Β£250.

We recognise not everyone can make it for the whole voyage, if you want to come for a few days that's fine and we invite you to contribute to costs on a day rate. Full day rate is Β£60/ day for those with ample means and less for those who a less economically successful.

We'll make sure there are a few non-vegan options available -- though we know that everyone will thoroughly enjoy our vegan food offerings.

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