Astral Community Initiative

Bringing together the pirate network across the globe 🌎

After 4.5 years of Astralship the project has taken shape more and more, and yet remains and informal network of passionate individuals.

Until now the project has mostly engaged people living at or passing through the chapel in Snowdonia. It's time to take the project online and enable creative collaborations between the many prospective pirates that have expressed interest in helping the project over the year.

We going to start with an experiment in using, for any who took part in the CCC RC3 last year it may be familiar. is a 2D game world that enables a video-chat communication experience for up to 25 people (in the free tier).

We now starting with a monthly series of calls [1.5hrs] designed to enable networking and collaboration between the participants. We start with a look at the project vision, where it has got to and where we go from here. We invite you all to participate.

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