Saving our world is a coalition of the willing

For most of us, it should be clear within our lifetimes whether we're going to make it as a species. Many people seem to have given up hope, or deny a problem exists. There are also many others that are working tirelessly with hearts full of optimism to make a brighter future. We're proud to call some of these our friends. Some are in North Wales, others are further afield. If you've worked with us and would like to list your project here, please get in touch.

North-West Wales

Engedi 2.0

Engedi is another Chapel in nearby Caernarfon and we work together very closely. Engedi 2.0's mission is to restore the building and facilitate inclusive community regeneration through the arts and technology. Capel Engedi once played a important role in the establishing of the Welsh speaking colony in Patagonia. The goal this time is to establish local Welsh culture in the new world of the emerging New Paradigm.

Tyddyn Teg

Tyddyn teg is an organic farm just down the road from where we source our vegetables. Never did you find such a highly qualified bunch of PhDs, Robotic Engineers and political thinkers spending their days getting covered in mud and oil all for the love of sustainability. The team is keen to embrace new technology (they're building a horticulural robot). Volunteers are welcome, and while it takes some guts to get down in the mud when the weather is foul, when it's fair weeding in veg beds can often feel like heaven.

Cae Mabon

Cae Mabon is a retreat centre in Snowdonia and only a couple of miles from the Astralship. Set in a beautiful old oak forest close to the disused Dinorwic Quarry and the shores of the Padarn lake it's one of the UK leading sustainable building projects and host a variety of retreats throught the year.

We are very closely aligned and good friends with it's founder Eric Maddern

The World

The Mindfulness project Thailand.

As part of our Astral Pirates Adventure in Asia 2018 we spent some time with the Mindfulness Project near Khon Kaen, Thailand. See the video opposite to listen to Liam discussion with it's founder Christian about the role of technology. All in all it was a beautiful and inspiring visit. The project brings Mindfulness and Permaculture together in a very powerful way. We produced a 9 min documentary, you can find here about the our experience.

Smile School for Children, Bodhgaya

Again a fruit that came from our adventure in Asia, 2018 is our connection with Smile School for Children. The newly established school is trying to give a meaningful education to underprivilaged children. Astralship has long help the belief that a powerful route to world transformation can be by genuinely helping and educating the brightest of the worlds poor. While the project is at an early stage, this increses the potential for creative idea to be adopted and have impact.

Ganges Nirvana, Varanasi

Ganges Nirvana is a project that invites travels and artists to restore a building in one of India's holiest cities, Varanasi. We made a strong connection with its founder Shashwat and while it's premature to provide any details, we will soon be announcing a powerful collaborative project in India. Watch this space.