We don't live in a vacuum, we are so glad to have you here!

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We are so happy that you are around

Astralship is an amazing place - like attracts the like - we feel obliged to mention a number of friendly institutions. See Github issue to see the full list of places we would like to mention.

North Wales has been announced by Lonely Planet as a top travel destination and you can read more about local attractions on their website.

Organic Farm: Tyddyn Teg

They are only a few miles away - very often we help them in various jobs and get some free food.

Eco-village: Cae Mabon

They are around for 30+ years, walking distance from the chapel, very often we help each other and members of our community overlap.

Respace Projects

They are making waves in London culture space with their innovative culture centre: Hive Dalston. Living in the city and living in the chapel compliment each other and you are always welcome at our doorstep.


Michal has been presenting at their event, amazing community.

Centre for Alternative Technology

They are based 60 miles away and we would love to incorporate some the solutions in the chapel.

We could also make use of transparent solar panels too...