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 The Art of Looking at Ourselves

At equinox as we pass into the lighter days of 2020, we're setting sail on a journey of inner discovery with world renown theatre director Iwan Brioc, creator of Sensory Labyrinth Theatre. This voyage, is a three-day participative arts process that leads to the co-creation of an installation performance, through which we explore the possibility of theatre as a source of awakening and liberation.

"Theatre is the art of looking at ourselves and is also the art of 'what if'. What if when we look deeply we can't find a self? The question then arises, who is looking?"

Iwan Brioc

Building a Sensory Portal

Through art and image making, movement and mindfulness activities, we will co-create a ‘sensory portal’. The weekend culminates in a performance, for invited friends and family to experience journeying through the portals.

Finding the inner mode of 'being'

The voyage is an opportunity to step out of time and enter a ‘being’ instead of a ‘doing’ mode. Engaging in this work helps build greater confidence, clarity, joy, peace and aspiration and the feeling of having touched something deep inside, something sustaining that was hidden in the bustle ordinary life.

Reconnecting with Other

Reacquainting with this inner strength creates a bond between people. Giving this profound experience to others through the performance allows for a deep sense of connection and feeling of boundless capacity to grow.

What to Expect

This course is an introduction to Context Oriented Arts (CoArts) and invites you to take the risk of falling awake to this miracle of being alive.

We will:

  • Reconnect with the senses, awakening a feeling of ‘aliveness’ through art, image making, movement and mindfulness
  • Explore through facilitated activities our relationship to self, other and the world around us
  • Support each other in growth and connection

Iwan Brioc

The course is lead by Iwan Brioc, director of research and practice at The Republic of the Imagination, an intercultural network that explores the possibilities of Context Oriented Theatre.

Iwan is also Artistic Director of Theatr Cynefin (est. 2000), a UK based platform for community activism through theatre and won a Creative Wales Award in 2006 for his work with Sensory Labyrinth Community Theatre.

His work has had a profound impact on audiences and communities in Wales, Portugal, Ireland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Hungary and Italy. Find out more about Iwan Brioc at his website

Who is it for?

The Art of Looking at Ourselves offers personal and professional development for:

therapists, performers, theatre-makers, dancers, artists, activists, community organisers, social leaders, educators, third sector professionals, innovators, change-makers, yoga teachers, health & well-being, professionals.

Dates : March 20th - 22nd 2020

The course starts at 9.30am on friday 20th March, spring equinox, and ends after the performance late on Sunday 22nd of March 2020


We're currently offering this 3 day workshop at the early bird rate of just £160.

The next pricing phase starts March 1st and is £250

For this you get 3 days of facilitation with the creator of Sensory Labyrinth Theatre, Iwan Brioc, at Astralship. A chance to work together with some truely magical people and building your own create rite of passage. The price includes 3 Vegan meals a day. We can also help with accomodation, for those on a tight budget this starts from £10. With a few premium rooms available. Drop us a line if you're interested.

Astralship is a vehicle for transformation and enhanced creativity. We produce Voyages of all kinds that enhance and inspire the participants to be stronger creative beings, ready to fully participate in the amazing story of the human beings of planet earth.

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