This is how we sail

Voyages of the Astralship Snowdonia

Below are our official Voyages, past and planned.

The Art of Looking at Ourselves

Participative Sensory Theatre Workshop

Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd March of 2020

Set sail on a journey of inner discovery with world renown theatre director Iwan Brioc, creator of Sensory Labyrinth Theatre

Voyages past


episode 1: A stranger's Christmas Party

Tuesday 11th of December 2019

As the election looms and the year draws to a close we are putting on something special at the ship. Astralship will be a amplifier or local creativity as we host a live stream TV music and Cabaret Extravagansa with CEG records.

Sgwrs Cymunedol

Sunday October 27th 2019

A self-organised unconference in Snowdonia. Our goal is a grass roots network taking action to implement our local transition to a sustainable local economy of wellbeing and community education.

a sprouting leaf with a complex image of our planet covered in network behind

Hacker Sailing - with Mitch Altman

In May and June 2019 we set sail on our first official Voyage lead by veteran hacker, inventor of the TV-B gone and founder of Noise Bridge, Mitch Altman. The voyage was hugely transformative for the project and set us off on our mission to create networks of spaces around the world that become vehicles for transformation.