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On hold

Didn't make much progress recently.

Old video explaining the tool

Join stralship membership platform (BETA)

For our launch event we used Eventbrite and Facebook. We are not big fans of Facebook but we did it anyway... For the next event we will be launching our own membership platform. We invite you to look at the source code and help us with the development.

As everything we do it's a work in progress, proof of concept, working prototype - expect changes and some things may not be full functional. Nevertheless - we are hoping that you'll like it and with your feedback and contribution we'll make it much better.

Thank you for an amazing time on 25th of March

This party wouldn't be possible without you! Thank you very much for coming, the next event will be very special too...

The initial event was a success - we gathered initial supporters - we've found commited people - we managed to get done many things on budget and on schedule. We intend to run regular events as a way of earning social capital and gathering momentum. Having a clear deadline and knowing that people are counting on us - it enforces motivational pressure and we are ready for it...

Join our beta platform

Because software development takes longer than expected - Hofstadter's_law - that is why resolving to a temporary email signup... Once we are done with development you'll be very first to get onboard.

We know it is not ideal - we have limited resources and we need to prioritise ruthlessly - see also jobs to see what type of people we are recruiting. If you have any questions - see FAQ or contact us directly... We are on the mission, we are here to stay and your support is always greatly appreciated.