Working together for a better future

pre-Kickstarter payments are on!

We have a few main avenues of providing income

β€’β€’β€’ Kickstarter (dedicated page)

Didn't happen (yet)

Didn't happen as value of cryptocurriencies went through the roof and we got bonus from the universe and we realised that working towards an ICO could be a better alternative.

β€’β€’ Consulting services (dedicated page)

Realistic: 7/10

Our community consists of exceptional people - we have years of experience and now we are using our skills to work on meaningful projects. There is no upfront investment here, it's good to go!

Either by offering our skills - see services - or by staying with us.

We are technologists - and the best synergy is achieved when we work together with other teams - we could apply our skills and deliver on budget and on schedule.

We'll hire the whole ship out to others when we need income and aren't using the ship. Companies can use the ship from their own voyages (for which we'll offer facilitation), for training workshops or inducting new recruits

β€’ Hospitality (dedicated page)

It's happening: DONE

We are already hosting first paying customers.

The ship could become a go to place for digital nomads, makers, and researchers looking to work independently or with likeminded individuals and achieve states of flow.

Equity crowdfunding

Potentially: 4/10

We're currently investigating SEIS,, If you are an accountant, lawyer or any person skilled in navigating paperwork - please join us. We want to avoid costly mistakes on technicalities. We need you, see jobs page.

Council, Government, EU, Lottery Fund

Potentialy: 4/10

These can be slow to move, constraining and require a lot of paperwork and management overhead. For now we probably want to lay the foundations of the project ourselves, prove feasability and apply for larger grants later on. We'll start by running independently using our own cash and the funds from the crowdfunding.

Visionaires, Philanthropists, Social Investors

Hell yeah why not: 3/10

We don't really want investors who are only interested in the bottom line. We are looking for individuals who believe in the mission and want support the project and participate in the adventure. We've actually received Β£1000 from an anonymous source without expecting anything in return. That money funded travel budget for our previous event.

There is a number of other options for raising funds:

Our own cash, friends, family

I have savings, you have savings, we can probably find a few other individuals interested in investing too.


We are evaluating obtaining a commercial mortgage on the Chapel.

Spinout businesses

Once we have an Astralship we're keen to demonstrate what we can do with it. We'll create products, websites, apps, designs, and prototypes. From some of these voyages we'll create be spin-off companies and these will generate income for Astralship. We're very interested in using future-thinking models of shared governance and ownership for these projects.


The ship will be suitable as a retreat location for running residentual courses.

Replicate the model - operating at a scale

Each and every investor wants to see their funds go 100x.

There is a number of reasons why believe the project is going to be successful. We own the place, we have planning permission and we are vital parts of various online communities. We believe that work that we do in Snowdonia will be used in other places around the globe.

At this stage we are planning crowdfunding campaign that is achievable and realistic. Once we prove that everything works as expected we will be ready for much larger investments to acquire real-estate in other worldwide and European locations (London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona) - international hubs with access to creative talent.

First ship in Snowdonia is to demonstrate that is not only economically sustainable but also a facilitates the highest degrees of human creativity, collaboration and productivity - see flow states. Once we've proved this we'll build other ships in exceptional locations around the world. We believe it's quite possible for a talent young creatives and developers to be able to travel and work on voyages without ever needing to take up a year in year out 9-5 conventional job to fund their way.