Working together for a better future

We are ready, proceed to payment

There is a number of work how we plan to become profitable, stay afloat and expand the fleet...

Consulting services

Realistic: 9/10

Our community consists of exceptional people - we have years of experience and now we are using our skills to work on meaningful projects. There is no upfront investment here, it's good to go!

Working with engineering teams

Realistic: 8/10

We are technologists - and the best synergy is achieved when we work together with other teams.

Whenver there is a project we could apply our skills and deliver on budget and on schedule.


Realistic: 7/10

We have enabled pre-Kickstarter payments and have Thunderclap social media campaign ongoing. The thing is getting real.

We will use a crowdfunding platform to raise money for the project. In addition to extra funding, this will allow us to guage interest in our project and make waves in real life and cyberspace. Developing the campaign video is one of our first voyages.

We're still working on the details of the campaign and exact reward structure, for now we've give an outline of what this might look like below and would love to hear your feedback. If you like what we're doing and are able to contribute some funds now, we love you. We'll promise you an early bird incentive and extra 20% your contribution when the campaign launches as a special thank you. The intention is to capitalise on traffic and early interest even before the Kickstarter is live.

Note: At the moment we think we'll go with Kickstarter as the platform, it's Public Benefit Corporation and a lot of people are already signed up and have their payment details on the file. Let us know if you have an opinion on this.

Here are some rewards we're considering at the moment:

  • £1 postcard (to get plenty of backers and boost visibility)
  • Do we want such small reward?
  • £6 meal on the ship. Redeemable when the ship is not on a voyage.
  • £30 membership of platform where you can sign up for voyages + 1 free night stay
  • £100 one hour of consulting session
  • £300 the Astralship for 1 day (yours to crew and command)
  • £500 the Astralship for 1 day with Innovation Facilitation.
  • £1500 the Astralship for 7 days
  • £2500 the Astralship for 7 days with Innovation Facilitation
  • ~£5000 We'll assemble a custom crew using our team and selected specialists from our network to tackle your innovation challenge or develop your app or product. Get in touch.

Considering various per-hour or half day rentals. Considering hiring our crew to run workshops in your organisation. Note that renting the space may interfere with other activities so we will prioritise consulting services and working with other engineering teams.

Here are some additional ideas for Kickstarter rewards thrown in, let's us know what you think of these:

  • A plaque built and installed on the good ship Astral
  • Name each of the pillars supporting the upper gallery
  • Design your own stained glass window
  • "Design and build you own room on the ship"

Equity crowdfunding

Potential: 5/10

We're currently investigating SEIS,, If you are an accountant, lawyer or any person skilled in navigating paperwork - please join us. We want to avoid costly mistakes on technicalities. We need you, see jobs page.

Council, Government, EU, Lottery Fund

Potential: 5/10

These can be slow to move, constraining and require a lot of paperwork and management overhead. For now we probably want to lay the foundations of the project ourselves, prove feasability and apply for larger grants later on. We'll start by running independently using our own cash and the funds from the crowdfunding.

Visionaires, Philanthropists, Social Investors

Potential: 3/10

We don't really want investors who are only interested in the bottom line. We are looking for individuals who believe in the mission and want support the project and participate in the adventure. We've actually received £1000 from an undisclosed source without expecting anything in return. That money funded travel budget for our previous event

There is a number of other options for raising funds:

Our own cash, friends, family

I have savings, you have savings, we can probably find a few other individuals interested in investing too.


We are evaluating obtaining a commercial mortgage on the Chapel.

Spinout businesses

Once we have an Astralship we're keen to demonstrate what we can do with it. We'll create products, websites, apps, designs, and prototypes. From some of these voyages we'll create be spin-off companies and these will generate income for Astralship. We're very interested in using future-thinking models of shared governance and ownership for these projects.


Moved to a dedicated page.

The ship could become a go to place for digital nomads, makers, and researchers looking to work independently or with likeminded individuals and achieve states of flow which staying in one of the most beautiful places in the world

Company Hireout

We'll hire the whole ship out to corporate clients when we need income and aren't using the ship. Companies can use the ship from their own voyages (for which we'll offer facilitation), for training workshops or inducting new recruits


The ship will be suitable as a retreat location for running residentual courses.

Replicate the model / Operating at scale

There is a number of reasons why believe the project is going to be successful. We own the place, we have planning permission and we are vital parts of various online communities. We believe that work that we do in Snowdonia will be used in other places around the globe.

At this stage we are planning crowdfunding campaign that is achievable and realistic. Once we prove that everything works as expected we will be ready for much larger investments to acquire real-estate in other worldwide and European locations (London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona) - international hubs with access to creative talent.

First ship in Snowdonia is to demonstrate that is not only economically sustainable but also a facilitates the highest degrees of human creativity, collaboration and productivity - see flow states. Once we've proved this we'll build other ships in exceptional locations around the world. We believe it's quite possible for a talent young creatives and developers to be able to travel and work on voyages without ever needing to take up a year in year out 9-5 conventional job to fund their way.

We are ready

Of course one can never be too ready, but we achieved a resonable balance and we are fairly confident that value we have to offer will serve humanity.

  • If you are at this point - we assume you have a decent understanding what astralship really is.
  • We operate in a fully transparent (open-source) manner, see video on FB explaining our tools.
  • We are not lawyers, accountants, significant others - we are on the mission to heal the planet.
  • We have a network of dedicated supporters and we are always hiring - see jobs and learn about our cash / equity compensation model.
  • We kindly appreciate all the financial contributions - money will be put to refurbish the place.
  • We hope this website is easy to use, in case of any question please contact us directly.

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      Our promise

      • Always acting with the highest degree of trust, honesty, transparency, integrity - we invite to participate in all our processes - we operate pretty much in public.
      • These prices will never get any cheaper - on Kickstarter they will be 15-20% more - after Kicstarter they will be another 15-20% more - you are getting yourself a very good deal
      • Rewards and transferable (even if you are not based in Wales you might be interested) and redeemable till 03:14:07 UTC on 19 January 2038 - across all of our future facilities - at first we wanted to say "forever" but 20+ years should be enough.

      If you are still undecided

      We've created a Thunderclap campaign - ability to use social media and create a massive blast... It doesn't cost a penny and can help the project a lot!

      Please signup, please share and the same time understand the meaning of this comic.