Bangor (Gwynedd) - is it far from London?

It depends what are your standards and expectations. We believe we are strategically located and surrounded by divine nature.

BTW - Gwyneed - is a Welsh name. Many signs in Wales have double names.


3h06m from London Euston to Bangor (Gwynedd) - http://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/timesandfares/EUS/BNG/tomorrow/0630/dep?directonly - could be as little as Β£10 one-way when booked in advance.

In reality it's difficult to plan that far in the future. There is a more flexible ticket "off-peak return" - Β£93 for return that is valid for a month. It's Β£92 for one way and Β£93 for return so even if you are 100% sure that you need one way ticket only please buy return and someone in the chapel might be able to use it.

There is only one restriction in place - cannot return to London on the 5am or 6am train - that probably doesn't apply to you anyway. Trains in the UK are organised so that if you work and have commute to the office they'll extract every penny... Otherwise taking off-peak trains provide much better value.

We suggest direct trains because they are more convenient. Sometimes on Sundays there are planned engineering works and small portion of the way is via bus. Not ideal but not end of the world, everything is neatly organised and signposted so don't worry.

If you are lucky you could get a ticket for Β£10


Book your travel at National Express - it takes considerably longer but it's considerably cheaper

Travel from the station

From Bangor station there is a bus service - https://www.gwynedd.llyw.cymru/en/Residents/Parking-roads-and-travel/Bus-timetables/Bus-timetables.aspx - it's not very frequent though and it's better to arrange your visit so that we could pick you up or just use a taxi.

Is it far?

86 miles from Liverpool aiport, 93 miles from Manchester airport - it might be practical to find some cheap airline flying there. Then you are likely to pay less for the train fare.

Can I visit you for 1 day only?

Up to you. We are not your mom. Assess how much time and money you want to spend and whether it is worth it. At the same time - if you are making such a commitment we will try to prioritise and make optimal use of your time. It's easier when you live locally - travel cost is more affordable and no need to show places of interest because you already know them.

Do we need more work and money than we predict?



I highly advise to get a professional building manager to assess your plans in the beginning. It usually saves HUGE amount of resources if there is not professionals or very experienced builders around.

Doing things right is less expensive than doing things fast and having to repair for years.

I am all about self reliance but I also come from a family of carpenders (mother, her brother and more), I researched and interviewed people that build their own buildings. ALL said that having an specialist give advise and teach in the beginning either saved them a lot or would have saved a lot.

Planning permission

How are laws about old historical/old buildings? Are you allowed to fix it and change as you see fit?

We have planning permission in place. See refurbishment

Do you plan a coworking space?

In a way: YES. We will be working, we will be open and social. The coworking is not the core focus though, we are creating the environment to realise human potential and living, eating, breathing, working is part of it.

Do you have much land?

Nope. Only a few meters. There is a field (unused) next to us - should be able to rent / buy for cheap. We have friends a few miles away - organic farm - they are experts in agriculture. We are software, internet, computers. Perfect partnership, expect some trips to the farm.

Is it for real?

We own the chapel. Chapel is in place.

It has massive potential waiting to be realised. We need to enhance the infrastructure to accomodate more people and sail on voyages.