What is the astralship?

Astralship is an extraordinary space to enable creativity, collaboration and innovation.

Read more about our mission, flow state and refurbishment plan.

We are on the mission

We are building a facility where engineers, designers, makers, artists, creatives, activists and radical thinkers can work together in flow state uninterrupted by the outside world.

We employ ecomomy of the scale and remove burden of daily errands such as shopping, cooking, cleaning. We have optimised processes and we enable you to transition from draining job and release creative juices towards stellar future.

Read more about how we make money, services we offer and what to expect from staying in the chapel.

Total Immersion and Flow State

An optimised physical and psychological space for crews to channel passion and tackle the hard problems:

  • No barriers: All immediate physical and psychological needs of the crew met
  • No distractions: An inspiring and self contained environment to support the crew
  • Space and support: Nutritious food and exercise, beautiful surrounding to hike, relax and unwind.

A inspiring and exciting space

In the Chapel there is plenty of room to work with - gross internal area of 2902 meters (31002 foot)on the ground floor + upper gallery + attic.

We are creating magical and inspiring interior with high-quality living, working and recreational spaces that suggest adventure on even the most serious and focussed of voyages.

See our refurbishment plan and how we are generating funds to do that.

Hack Heal the planet

We do not have landlord to kick us out. While we respect nature and local community, we do not respect status quo...

Some voyages will be very intense, lasting up to 2 weeks, and some crews will need specialist facilitation to reach their goals. On a voyage, start-up teams will design and prototype new products and services, work that might have taken many months under traditional conditions. No BS, no corporate budget approval for Q4 next year - getting stuff done like there is no tomorrow.

Stunning Natural Location

The Chapel stands on the slopes of Elidir, less than 10 miles from Snowdon (the highest mountain in England and Wales, Snowdonia National Park). You can see the sea from the office - you got it right - mountains, hiking, sea, beaches in a single location.

When tackling a hard problem, sometimes the best approach is take a break and get some altitude. Snowdonia - and it’s breathtaking scenery of mountains and seaside - is literally on the doorstep.

3h15m on the train from London - not a bad deal for a total connenction with nature.


Let's go sailing

For now we are gathering interest in the project and looking for those who want to come on a journey with us.

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign to get additional funds, gather momentum and gauge interest in our project. See our investment proposal.

  • Building the ship

    At minimum we need a new floor, insulation + heating system, lightning, and individual rooms for the crew. We estimate we need around Β£25,000 in phase 1 to improve the existing prototype.

    We are architecting things in such a way that we can continue to build on and enhance the space in future. The money is coming from our savings, family, friends and crowdfunding, see also investment to see a number ways how we are generating profit.

    We're developing this plan now and are looking for architects, artists, psychologists, carpenters, builders and creators of all kinds who want to be involved.

    Read more about refurbishment and jobs.

  • Affordable services

    In the convential paradigm, getting a team together to work on ideas is expensive and time consuming. By providing a ship which is able to sustain teams at low cost, we can reach prototype stage very quickly and efficiently. See what type of services we have to offer.

    While we want to keep our expenditure low we will never compete on price. We will use our unique edge (flow state) and deliver excellent value.

  • Early days

    It's just the beginning. Everything you see is a prototype. Expect many changes. It's work in progress and by visiting our website you are alredy part of it.

    We are gathering funds to make a major renovation of our ship, we are engaging in mini-projects such as developing our website, a crowdfundingvideo and architectural design of the ship.

  • A social enterprise

    We intend to set up as a Community Interest Company in the U.K. We will use our profits to fund technology education where they are most needed, starting with our local community in North Wales.

    Specifically we want to enable local people to develop technology skills that will support the local economy in the future, create a local culture of innovation and support environmental sustainability.

    Following our mission, trust, honesty, integrity.

  • An open invitation to sail together

    We have big dreams and with your help we'll achieve them. If you like our vision please share this site to help us find others who might want to be involved. If you'd like to get involved and help shape and develop any aspect of this project and our crowdfunding campaign, please get in touch.

    You can also read more on investment page.

  • "Building Parties"

    We are inviting everyone interested in working with us to join us onboard. We alredy cleaned the chapel and made it ready for the crowdfunding video.

    We're inviting artists, makers and creators, people with skills or just enthusiasm who want to come and help us. Drop in at any point and stay as long as it is practical and beneficial.

    If you plan on coming visit membership page or just say hello first...

Contact us anytime 🌎 πŸŒ πŸŒ

See also contact page for more way of being in touch.

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