This is how we sail

Once we have a ship we have many ideas for voyages we want to make. Our team won't control all the voyages, sometimes we'll sail ourselves, sometimes we'll plan voyages and recruits crew, and other times we'll simply hand over the ship for others to use. When we set the goals we'll seek to tackle some of the grand societal challenges facing us today. Think but on an ongoing basis.

Voyages are suited to rapid prototyping of ideas and tackling innovation and design challenges. Any problem which requires a high degree or concentration, creativity and collaboration could be the starting point for a voyage. Sometime it could be an entrepreneur with funding wanting to develop their business idea and take it to market faster than any corporate environment will allow, where we make money like this we'll use it to offset the cost of other voyages which may have great social benefit but not their own funding

As time goes on we'll increasingly develop resources that aid teams in leveraging the results of their voyages. Teams are welcome to return to our ships for subsequent voyages as we carry on our missions.

Bootstrapping the green economy in Wales

North West Wales is an interesting place, with a deep history. It's mysterious place, with a distinct culture and language from that of England. In fact Welsh is a remnent of the original culture of pre-roman Britain. English culture created the Industrial revolution which has transformed our planet but also brought us headlong to the current impending climate catastophe. Although Welsh culture has been eclipsed by that of England throughout the world, it has remarkably endured, and perhaps against the odds is still strong today.

We have an option of taking up a transferable peppercorn lease (with option to buy) on a Historic Chapel in the most Welsh Town in a Wales, Caernarfon. This Chapel, Capel Engedi is where a vision was develop to set up a Welsh Colony in Patagonia. On this voyage we will endevour to take local people to a new world without leaving these shores. We believe that both politically and economically North West Wales is ripe for leading the world in building a sustainable Green Economy. We will search for the brightest and best to come and voyage with us on the Astralship, create a vision and a plan for a revolutionary project. We will set up a web platform and engage the local population in innovative ways. There will then be further voyages at later dates to take this project forward, the historic nature of the building means there is strong potential for obtaining a large grant to rennovate the building from sources such as HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund).

We urgently need to reconfigure our economy to be much greener and green economy's are highly interconnected locally. We will aim to establish a contiguous sustainable region, monitor it's impact and then seek to replicated and grow this region.

  • Flying the flag and creating a focal point for Green Economy and Green Technology activities.
  • Bring together the many avantegarde organisation already in the area and attracting the brightest and the best to join.
  • Green Technology Incubator and Mentoring
  • Community learning and Skills sharing - Upskilling the local population in the most valuable skills for the future.
  • The ulimate place to work for Green Economy visionaries and Enthusiasts - Glass dome on the school house. Japanese Hot tubs, tropical plants, UVB Lamps and if we find a specialist maybe some hummingbirds. ;)
  • Celebrating Welsh Language and Culture. Deep cultural conflict resolution, resolving the dissonance, making English-Welsh bilingual the cognitive boon it should be for all, and unleashing trapped cultural creativity.
  • Creating and community space for local people to share in a vision of realitic hope for the future.

    Visionary Art

    Art is perhaps the most powerful force for transforming our world. We're planning a voyage to celebrate visionary art. Currently still in early stages of planning. It was in planning to collaborate on this Voyage that Liam and Michal got together and decided to accelerate


    While the type of voyage we are building Astralship for require intense interdependant team work. We won't be running these all the time. At other times we might use the ship to host retreats. One we're planning is on book writing. Everyone has a body of unique knowledge, but it takes commitment and determination to write a book. We will faciliate a retreat for would-be authors to push through the blocks and deliver quality content.

    Software projects

    We are mostly technologist by background and envisage many technology voyages. While prototyping the ship we've carried a number of successful software projects which demonstrated the potential of using the chapel as a ship. In 2014 one project won £440,000 of UK government funding to develop an app to create a paperless ward system with BCU Health Board. The project has created Elidir Health, a spin-out company which is taking the product forward and recieving a lot of positive attention in Wales. We achieved this with a small team and very limited resources. Deciding to let others take the project forward and focus on Astralship was a difficult, but we're very happy we made the right choice in following our hearts and coming back to Astralship. We're looking forward to many innovation adventure ahead.

    Yoga, Meditation and Healing workshops

    We forsee there being plenty of time in between Voyages. The Chapel is beautifully remote and ideally suited to all kinds of relaxion and therapy workshops. We happy

    Music and Video and Theatre production

    In the rennovations we will consider in the long term plan install a recording studio area. This will open the way for voyage explicity around these goals, but also probably as a media component of many voyages

    Quantified self: Bravely entering the Cybernetic age eyes wide-open

    Most of us don't realise it but right now we are already Cyborgs. We've already taken it for granted we can share and process information with anyone anytime anywhere. In the last 10 year we've seen signifcant changes in our brains and a whole generations of 'digital natives' who deeply assimilated the mobile internet. We adopted first mobile phones and then smart phones mostly for convenience. There is nothing to suggest we won't start putting these inside our bodies in the not too distant future. There are huge potential ethical concerns yet to be resolved in this space, however we don't think this justifies shying away. We cannot leave the next stage of human development to corporations motivated only by profit. We anticipate undertaking many voyages in this space in the years to come and we will voyage to design our own space to be more ergonomic and functional. Currently we are considering installing indoor tracking beacons to fully track our positions in the space and experiment with voice controls, smart ventilation, heating and lighting.

    We might make lots of money from these voyages, but we will use the money to further our mission. It's much more important to us that we as a species transition to the coming age in a mature, elgalitarian and healthy way than Astralship makes lots of money hastening us to deeper distopia.