Stay at the chapel

We are open and accomodating, just don't expect 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 hotel

Work in progress

Liam already lives in the chapel.

Michal is partially based in London - due to income coming from corporate job.

We organise monthly events that are preceeding by period of intensive work, see membership to learn more about the dates.

We operate pretty much in public - all the information is avaiable online - rather than keeping different versions - this is public, this is private - we err on the side of transparency and if you on this page you probably know a lot about us. See also FAQ.

We plan to hire the venue at very friendly and affordbable rates, see investment for various ways how we make money. Hospitality won't be our core business, we would rather monetise on the brainpower - see consulting services.

Showers, toilets, kitchen, cabins

Our infrastructure is very basic but perfectly operational. Take a warm sleeping bag with you!

Basic rate of Β£30 per day

Heating, utilities, consumables, food, insurance, everything - in the current phase we are extremely affordable. We know that by coming to us you are offering your time, energy and supporting the project just by being here... We believe that exceptional talents coming together can achieve truly astonishing results. Read more about our mission and being in the flow.

Once we are done with refurbishment the rate is likely to go up - but we will always become affordbable and community orientated - we will never allow money to be an obstacle.