Some stuff might be old

2017-11-27 Update: so much work done over the past couple months, beyond measure, massive progress. A lot of links below are probably outdated.

We are focusing on developing the vestry, building attached to the chapel - to create living space for the core team. We will refurbish it as a warm, homely 'child friendly' to a high standard. Additional benefit - when unused we can rent out on AirBnb or to provide extra income.

Chapel is a listed building from 1838 - there are some restrictions in place. The current planning permission and listed building consent allow us to create a 2 story home while retaining the current wooden gallery. We will work with visionary architects to create and amazing space that brings out the best of the historic features and create a futuristic ship-like interior for inspiring innovation. We will need significant funds to fully rennovate this space and so we anticipate approaching it in stages.

We intend to keep the main space as open and reconfigurable as possible. In that way we will be able to accomodate all sorts of events, parties, functions, trainings, retreats etc... We will work with local planners to ensure we follow the letter of law and create a space that is safe and accessible for all it's users

We want to create a space that inspires, we will work with set designers to create a ship within our budget, possibly mixing traditional woodenship architecture with something a bit more space shippy. By using advanced manufacturing methods such as laser cutting we think we can create intricate and precision made furniture in this vein at low cost.

We won’t be able to create the ultimate luxury in our first iteration, but an outdoor hot tub, mini gym and a space to play some music are definitely achievable.

We’ll achieve this iteratively and start with a simple ship for a working crew of around 10.

This is the plan, visit investment page to see how we are progressing on that.