Manifesto, philosophy and core values

See also our manifesto launched on 4th July 2017

Regenerative ecosystems

Example: permaculture. Systems on autopilot that require minimal maintenance and provide more value than the input

Example: taking into account full cost of solar panels. Government subsidies ended and the amount of new installations dropped by 85%. Same amount of dollars / pounds spent on solar panels installed in Syria would provide much more value.

Planet Earth is not doing well - global warming is taking its toll (see this XKCD). Technology itself will not lead us to sustainability, we require an intense will to develop and utilise the available technology to change our trajectory.

Revolutions in human behaviour have happened in the past. Today powerful profit driven corporations funnel billions of dollars into psychology, marketing and PR, their goal is to snare us in a hypnotic spell where we continue to give up wealth and power. The spells create desires we didn't previously have, and we consume what we didn't really need, even as our longer term prospect become increasingly bleak.

Fundamentally we are all human beings, living for a time on our planet. The spells can be broken. We all have the same basic needs. We all want to protect ourselves and those we love. When we see the only way to really protect those we love is to protect our species and planet we will start prioritising what's really important and pull all our might into find ways to live sustainably.

Systematic change

Example: water dispenser and single-use plastic cups is not OK. To replace them with a practical bottle - cost of materials is in the same ballpark but the difference is substantial.

Example: litter bond at festivals. Fill the bag to earn £10 - it is easy, it scales, it provides income, it cleans the place.

Example: incorporating as public benefic corporation or community interest company. Situation where company is obliged to make profit - without taking into consideration communities and environment - not cool. See triple bottom line.

Realising human potential (flow)

We know that what most of us achieve in our daily lives is far from our potential. We are building a space that is devoted to Peak performance, we will achieve it through art, though facilitation, smart environments and psychology such as enabling the flow state. We're building a magical space with a creative intensity that removes limiting beliefs. We give our crews their own ship and the ability and freedom to sail to anywhere. Together we’ll to sail to a new world, a new reality. Incredible energy and creativity, channeled and grounded to create real world solutions.

New models of ownership and governance

No lnonger "employee mentality" but actual stake in the company. We are developing our membership platform and use the best tools for the job.

Collaborative culture

We believe in open and collaborative culture.

We always strive to use best available tools and technology for each project.

We use Github, Slack, Trello, and Google Docs - we know that Google is controversial but we will use their products as long as they serve us. If you happen to know better, more reliable, more approachable products - or if you want to create one - we are very receptive to new technologies and ideas, we are happy to adapt and contribute.

The Adventurification of Innovation

Astralship believes in the possibility of a radical transformation in human behaviour and economy.

There are many projects and people working around the globe who connect with the same vision. We bring together visionaries to co-create in shared physical and virtual spaces. We bring together the brightest and the best. Those who will sail together to achieve goals of the voyage.

By creating a beautiful and inspiring space in a magical and ancient landscape with the right facilitation and creative support, we are creating a vehicle of innovation that takes the innovators on a journey of discovery. By tackling hard challenges in this environement we have developed what we call Adventurification.

An Independent Pirate lifestyle

All too often regular employment provides just enough income to a rent a flat close enough to the office. Morning commutes to work with in a job where the primary motivation is often keeping a boss happy, who’s job is to keep the shareholders happy. These soul destroying routines are taken as inevitable. We work and then go home to try and forget and then spend them money we earn trying to make life bearable.

Astralship is about changing this model. We’ll start with one ship but want to create a global network. Talented individuals usually know what they’re worth on the commercial market, they know where they really add value. Astralship allows individuals to come and work at peak-performance where they can add maximum value while in collaboration. For example a good software developer should comfortably be able to earn all the money they need in a year from 6 productive 2 week voyages. The rest of the time? Live how you want to live and enjoy being on this planet for the limited time you have. When we have more time on our hands and are freed up from limiting beliefs about what we should be doing, we quickly realise that the best things in life are free.