This is what we do, this is what we stand for

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(artwork by Sean Allum, still making finishing touches)

We are converting historical chapel from 1838 into a visionary space to realise human potential and heal the planet.

A group of multidisciplinary experts, scientists, researchers, developers, engineers, makers, hackers living and working together to solve actual, urging problems:

  • global warming
  • air pollution
  • plastic in the ocean
  • deforestation and animal agriculture
  •    (we do not need yet another food delivery app)

Our ship will provide everything for the crew to thrive in the flow state and peak performance:

  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Physical exercise
  • Removing errands such as shopping, cooking, cleaning
  • Enhanced oxygen, ambient music, visual clues

We are fully utilising latest development in quantified self, home automation, IoT - our space is blank canvas and is awaiting your creativity. We started with the vestry - small building attached to the chapel. The main space is more tricky - due to historical restrictions we need to comply to strict regulations. Until we obtain significant funding we will keep it reconfigurable and flexible. See our refurbishment plan.

We are working on launching a new cryptocurrency in partnership with Awakening Sovereignty Collective.
Think in terms "own version of Bitcoin" and we are the very first place in Europe to accept it... New monetary system, new models of ownership and governance - we are on the cutting edge of the planetary shift.

Support us with your presence in the chapel or connect with us in the cyberspace:

We are one.

PS. Not salesy or anything but our marketing guys told us to add email signup - everyone is happy now.