We grow fast and need these skills

While we are in the initial stages of development we are unable to pay full market rates for professional services. That is why we are proposing equity grants, see existing proposal on Google Docs - in a nutsheel it's 50/50 cash equity split, at a very fair valuation.

For each role the way to apply is via contact page - email us directly with your updated CV, portfolio and short explanation why you want to join the astralship.

It may happen that responsibilities are overlaping - it's expected - we are multidisciplinary team and we operate in fully agile matter, based on meritocraty - right person for the right job. Sometimes, in the critical moments of the project be prepared to do something different and help the crew... All hands on deck!

Misc tasks

We've created public board on Trello listing all the tasks that can be done independently.

Maker / Hacker / Artist / Entrepreneur in residence

Use the chapel as the blank canvas for innovation. We provide all the tools and resources that you'll ever require. This is an independent role with a lot flexibility and unlimited potential for growth.

Community building / Ambassadors

We are counting on you. If you feel connection with our project we invite you to collaboration.

Ideal person for this role is very active on social media and has some free time to visit us and get better feel of the chapel and what we have to offer

Sales + Partnerships + Business Development

I'm okay with cold-calling, but I have too many task to follow up... We need to find someone who is organised and loves CRM.

Legal + Accounting + Grants Application

We are pirates and hackers. We need someone who loves paperwork and is good with interfacing with the default governmental system.

Design + Architecture + VR Modelling

This role has been currently filled - always looking for more. See resources to see out current progress on that end.

Software Engineering + Web Development

Our membership platform is one of our first internal voyages, we are looking for more manpower.

Filming + Photography + Media Production

This role has been currently filled - always looking for more.

Building and construction crews

We need you, see refurbishment plan.

Online Marketing + Social Media + Growth Hacking

We have a group of freelancers in India. We are always looking for more... We believe that by getting our message out there - we will be able to attract more people.

You should have passion about automation and recent trends in social media. We have no idea what is the current "next hot app ...

  • Instagram bots
  • Facebook groups
  • Newsletter
  • Content creation
  • Posting to relevant channels
  • Documenting and automating process
  • Tracking leads and following up

Web + Admin + Research assistant

This role has been currently filled

This is a junior, apprentice role.

Training will be provided hovewer you should be already proficient with computers and online tools.

Main responsibilities:

  • Managing content on the websites
  • Updating social media channels
  • Researching a variety of subjects
  • Travel planning
  • Reaching out and acquiring leads