Get involved

Planet earth is sinking. All hands on deck!

There are a lot of things we need help with. Our project is ambitous and we have a long way to go. We have faith the right people will resonate with the project at the right time and come forward. Here are some of the roles we need help with.

Maker / Hacker / Artist / Entrepreneur in residence

What do you want to do? Use the chapel as the blank canvas for innovation. We provide all the tools and resources that you'll ever require. This is an independent role with a lot flexibility and unlimited potential for growth.

Community building / Ambassadors

We are counting on you. If you feel connection with our project we invite you to collaboration.

Ideal person for this role is very active on social media and has some free time to visit us and get better feel of the chapel and what we have to offer

Filming + Photography + Media Production

Currently we have more going on that we have time to document and share with the world. Help us bring the Astralship story to the world

Builders, Carpenters, Plumber, Electricians etc

We need you! Get in touch please.

Online Marketing + Social Media + Growth Hacking

We have a small team, we need more help.

You should have passion about automation and recent trends in social media. What is the "next hot app? ...

  • Instagram bots
  • Facebook groups
  • Newsletter
  • Content creation
  • Posting to relevant channels
  • Documenting and automating process
  • Tracking leads and following up
Language people, VR devs, game designers, animators

2017-10-27 Update: We won an innovation grant to develop language learning in VR.

We have a paying project developing language learning in VR. We're developing a game for learning Welsh set in the magical world of Welsh Folklore. We've already had some amazing discoveries about the potential of this technology. Get in touch if you'd like to voyage with us. This is our maiden funded voyage under the Astralship banner. We're not looking to be 'another language learning offering'. We're going to create significant innovation.

As you can see we're going for a low-poly style with beautiful lightning. Paper textures will come later. The terrain is actual Snowdonia topology.

Reward for your work

Our token system is not ready, but that doesn't mean we can reward collaboration with more than cash. In fact, as of time of writing we have very little cash available and for most jobs we can only provide board, lodgings and a conversation about how we can take things forward. We believe there is handful on individuals out there that will sail on the core voyage. If you are the right person we are ready to welcome you onboard. If you resonate with our mission, if you believe in yourself and are dissatisfied with whatever else is on offer, the maybe you are an Astral Pirate