Bangor (Gwynedd) - is it far from London?

The faster trains get you London Euston to Bangor in 3h06m

See the National rail page for latest prices. They can be as little as £10 one-way when booked in advance.

On the day a more flexible ticket off-peak return is £96 at time of writing and valid for a month. A return is the same price as a one-way ticket.

Are there Buses?

You can book your travel at National Express - the journey can take considerably longer though it's often considerably cheaper

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have plenty of parking spaces in front of the Chapel.

Travel from the station

From Bangor station there is a bus service - https://www.gwynedd.llyw.cymru/en/Residents/Parking-roads-and-travel/Bus-timetables/Bus-timetables.aspx - buses are less frequent, especially in the evenings. In many cases we may be able to pick you otherwise taxis are readily available.

Is it far to the nearest airport?

86 miles from Liverpool aiport, 93 miles from Manchester airport.

Do you have much land?

No. There's only a few meters of land around the chapel. We're surrounded by fields but these don't belong to us. There is potentially land available near by to purchase or lease but this isn't a priority for us at the moment. We also have friends a few miles away at Tyddyn Teg see our friends page.

Do you have high speed wifi?

At the moment we have an ADSL connection of about 5Mbps. It's general fine for small numbers of people not doing heavy lifting.

The good news is that FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) has recently become available and in fact there is already a fibre connected to the pole outside the chapel. We expect to switch to FTTP soon.