We are here 24/7

We communicate via Slack

Here is the auto-invitation link. Remember to say "hello" in #introductions channel...

Direct line to the founding fathers

Liam: 0044 7753 527 503    [email protected]

Michal: 0044 758 629 4279    [email protected]

Weekly call

Saturdays, 6pm, UK time. Link to join: - if you are on mobile download the app, the website will guide you.

Queries about the website - it is hosted on GitHub - opening a new issue there probably works best.

The nearrest train station is Bangor (Gwynedd). Direct train from London Euston takes on average 3h15m. See also FAQ for the most convenient transportation options.

At some point we had the full address of the chapel listed on the website but in the interest of privacy and security we put it down temporarily.

Ask us for details if you are arriving or have parcel to send.

Travel grants

We are aware that for some people travel in and to the the UK could be prohibitevely expensive that is why are offering up to 80% travel grants. Read more about our travel policy.