What is the astralship?

The Ship is an extraordinary space that enables creativity, collaboration and innovation, allowing teams to go deeper, faster, with more creativity, and without corporate control.

This is more than an innovation retreat centre themed as a pirate ship inside a Welsh Chapel. It's hyper-dimensional innovation vehicle for changing this world.

Sailors, equipt with everything they need onboard, are free to sail anywhere they choose. Corporations seeking profit brought us to the brink, now let's see where innovation pirates can take us.

We are on a mission

We're building a facility where engineers, designers, makers, artists, creatives, activists and radical thinkers can work together in deep-flow on challenges that really matter.

We're breaking the shackles of corporate domination and supporting projects that seek to make this world a better place for all. In a world where money is a tightly rigged system of debt and economic slavery, we will cut free and support an emerging new paradigm with those who are ready to build the new world.

Total Immersion and Flow

An optimised physical and psychological space where crews can channel creative energy and passion to tackle the hard problems:

  • No barriers: We aim to meet all immediate physical and psychological needs of the crew.
  • No distractions: An inspiring and self contained environment with facilitation where needed to reach the highest energy states.
  • Wellbeing and support: Nutritious food, yoga, meditation, exercise and beautiful surroundings in which to hike, relax and unwind.

A large canvas to work with

The Chapel has a foot print of over 250m2 This project is an itterative design and ongoing prototyping experiment. We're creating a magical and inspiring interior with living, working and recreational spaces that suggest adventure on even the most serious of voyages.

Think of an IoT enabled ship that talks, techno-shamanic interfaces to controllable LED lighting and ambient sounds, an onboard Makerspace and of course an always on energy efficient Hot tub is essential for the winter months.

Healing the planet before filling our wallets

Our goal is a sustainable future for all of us. We're committed to this mission and proving that ours is a viable species and not one destined to destroy itself. We may sometimes take on commercial voyages but never ones that clearly harm our planet. If you're looking for a talented team of creatives to help you build a compelling new wasteful thing that no one needs, we have a plank you can walk.

Intense creativity - Accelerated Innovation

Some voyages will be very intense, lasting up to 2 weeks. Some crews will need expert facilitators to reach their goals.

On voyages, teams will design and prototype solutions. Work that might have taken many months will be dramatically accelerated. No Q4 corporate budget approval committee - Getting things done like there is no tomorrow.

Stunning Natural Location

The Chapel stands on the slopes of Elidir, less than 10 miles from Snowdon (highest mountain in England and Wales). From the office rose window, we can see the Irish Sea and sometimes Ireland itself. We have mountains, hiking, caving, surfing and beautiful beaches.

When tackling a hard problem, sometimes the best approach is to take a break and get some altitude. Snowdonia - and it’s breathtaking scenery of mountains and seaside - is literally on the doorstep.

3h15m on the train from London - not a bad deal for a total connenction with nature.


Let's go sailing

We are looking for others who want to come on this adventure with us. There are so many roles we need help with. If our project resonates with you then you are probably someone who should join our crew

  • Building the ship

    We're looking for architects, artists, psychologists, carpenters, builders and creators of all kinds who want to be involved. Help us design and refit this ship for the century ahead. Let's make sure we're here to stay.

  • Affordable services

    In the conventional paradigm, getting a skilled team together to work on ideas is expensive and time consuming. By providing a ship which is able to sustain teams at low cost, teams can reach prototype stage very quickly and efficiently.

  • Early days

    We are only at the beginning of our adventure. Everything you see is a prototype. Expect many changes. It's work in progress and by visiting our website you are alredy part of it.

    We are gathering funds to make a major renovation of our ship.

  • A Pirate way of life

    Blockchain is a powerful technology that is already changing the world. We forsee a way for talented people to break away from the drudgery of corporate life and still live comfortably. Blockchain can allow us to change the way we do economics and collectively invest energy in the planet instead of in it's destruction. For now we are considering ways a pirate coin can align incentives and rewards those that work on Astralships.

  • An open invitation to sail together

    We have big dreams and with your help we'll achieve them. If you like our vision please share this site to help us find others who might want to be involved. If you'd like to get involved and help shape and develop any aspect of this project, please get in touch below.

  • A global fleet

    We're prototyping our first ship here in Wales but we see the potential of creating a global network of locations. Teams needn't be confined to using a single ship. Free from being stuck in an office in a polluted city, crews can be based wherever they want. Our goal is to find locations around the world where anyone with an old building in need of rennovation can join our fleet and our network.

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